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Microsoft Defender: Professional IT Security for SMEs

Microsoft Defender Logo infront of a Hacker
Microsoft Defender

According to the Swiss Federal Statistical Office, over 99% of all companies in Switzerland are SMEs. (Market-economy companies with fewer than 250 employees.) One often hears from these companies in connection with cyber attacks the sentence "It won't affect us anyway, we're not a target."

However, according to an article by Digitalswitzerland, by 2021, more than one in three small businesses had already been affected by a cyberattack, requiring significant effort to repair the damage. The numbers are rising every year and must be taken seriously.

Microsoft Defender for Business

Today, Microsoft can be considered a security company. Its technologies now offer all-round protection, which includes most of the most important aspects of a comprehensive security concept. The entire management for Microsoft Defender is in the cloud and can be easily integrated into existing environments.

The Microsoft Defender for Business model has been online for just under two months, with this model being aimed specifically at small SMEs with up to 300 employees. The idea behind it is to make an enterprise solution accessible to small businesses. With this solution, your security can be brought to the next level.

Microsoft Defender for Business offers the following capabilities:

Übersicht der Microsoft Defender for Business Leistungen.
Microsoft Defender for Business overview

1. Threat & Vulnerability Management First and foremost, you want to minimize the attack surface for vulnerabilities. With this function, vulnerabilities can be identified and prioritized in order to preventively protect against threats.

2. Attack Surface Reduction Protects the areas used in an attack from cyberattacks. (Devices, Applications)

3. Next Generation Protection Protects your devices and your cloud against initial threats with antimalware and antivirus protection.

4. Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Behavior-based detection and alerting to identify and eliminate existing risks. One can directly respond to threats, isolate devices, comb through analytics and take actions based on them.

5. Automated Investigation & Remediation This allows tasks to be automated, with threats being immediately resolved or prioritized. This allows you to focus on the most important elements.

These features protect not only their endpoints (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone), but also Microsoft's cloud services. In addition, the security can be linked so that even behavior-based analyses are made across the entire cloud of their enterprise.


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