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Our Partners

At SHARKBYTE, we have carefully selected our partners based on our extensive experience in dealing with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This selection allows us to cover approximately 85 to 90 percent of the common needs of SMBs.

In this article, we will explain how our targeted selection of vendors enables us to offer tailored solutions that help SMBs operate successfully in the digital era.

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Microsoft Logo

The SaaS solution "Microsoft 365" provides companies of all sizes with a powerful platform for productivity, security and growth. SMEs in particular can increase their efficiency, protect their data and successfully grow their business while benefiting from the innovation and reliability of a global technology leader. 

SHARKBYTE AG's managed services support SMBs in implementing and operating a Microsoft 365 infrastructure.

Microsoft also offers other successful and stable on-premise solutions, which can be securely managed in hybrid or stand-alone mode by SHARKBYTE AG.

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Acronis Gold Service Provider Logo

With Acronis - a Switzerland-Singapore company - SHARKBYTE offers a reliable and innovative partner for Cyber Protection. In addition to successful and powerful backup solutions for on-premise and cloud infrastructures, Acronis also offers modern and powerful endpoint protection for clients and servers. Backup and security are managed by a single agent, which reduces the burden on system resources.

Acronis' portfolio is rounded off by solutions such as Device Management, Email Security Gateway and Endpoint Detect & Response, among others.

SHARKBYTE AG is convinced that these solutions can cover around 80% of the security requirements of SMEs in a cost-effective, efficient and innovative manner.

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SEPPmail Cloud Partner Logo

With SEPPmail AG, SHARKBYTE AG has another Swiss manufacturer in its portfolio. SEPPmail.Cloud ensures SMEs the possibility of secure e-mail communication and helps with compliance and data protection regulations.


SHARKBYTE AG supports them in bringing email security to a higher level. This contributes to secure communication and reduces the chance of serving as a possible SPAM or phishing source for hackers.

Ein Serverraum mit vielen blau leuchtenden Servern
Xelon Logo

Operating your own IT infrastructure is costly and challenging - even for managed service providers. SHARKBYTE AG relies on the Swiss company Xelon AG to operate its own infrastructure in the cloud with little effort. 
The operation of the servers is also secure and exclusively in Swiss data centers.

By outsourcing the server infrastructure, SMEs reduce electricity, cooling and maintenance costs and increase the failure and access security without extra costs.

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Swisscom Business Silber Partner Logo

SHARKBYTE AG supports SMEs in implementing Microsoft Teams telephony, which revolutionizes business communication. In the background, Swisscom provides the line with flat rates.

SHARKBYTE AG supports the implementation and operation.


With Swisscom, SHARKBYTE AG is able to offer fast Internet connections to SMEs. The portfolio is extended with the Business Network Solutions (BNS) "Managed Security", "Managed LAN" and "Remote Access Service".

PlanSec Logo

SHARKBYTE AG cooperates with the company PlanSec AG in the data protection area. Our external data protection officer monitors compliance with data protection regulations and serves as a point of contact with federal bodies. In addition, we support the creation of an individual data protection manual to avoid penalties according to the revised data protection law in Switzerland. Furthermore, companies can request support to prepare for ISO27001 certification - the international data protection standard.

Freshdesk Logo

SHARKBYTE uses the Freshdesk ticketing system in its daily workflow. This way, SHARKBYTE AG ensures that all customers receive the support they are entitled to according to the SLAs and that no incidents or requests are lost. Freshdesk is developed and operated by Freshworks and complies with ITIL guidelines.

NinjaOne Logo

SHARKBYTE uses NinjaOne RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) for comprehensive monitoring of customer systems. With this solution, problems can be resolved even before they become major difficulties. In addition, this solution enables SHARKBYTE to identify trends early and make necessary configuration adjustments.

Alltron Logo

Alltron AG supports SHARKBYTE AG in projects that require extensive hardware needs. In doing so, SHARKBYTE can draw on specialized personnel in the relevant fields and brands to offer customers the best possible options available.

Crayon Logo

Crayon AG, as Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), offers SHARKBYTE AG support in the distribution of Microsoft 365 and other licensing. Due to the international presence of Crayon (Germany, Sweden, Norway, etc.), customers have the possibility to purchase licenses in other currencies. Depending on the company size and locations, this can provide customers with financial advantages.

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