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Microsoft 365 - Roadmap Releases September 2023

The Microsoft 365 Roadmap has a few exciting updates for September 2023 for various Microsoft 365 products. Let's take a look at some of the highlights.


Two new features have been introduced in SharePoint Online to give you more flexibility and consistency in the design of your sites and documents.

The first feature is the ability to choose new site theme options based on the Fluent Design System. You can choose from different color schemes, fonts, and icons to customize your sites to your brand or style. You can also create or import your own themes if you want even more customization options.

The second feature is the out-of-the-box document library templates, which provide you with pre-made layouts and columns for different types of documents. For example, you can use a document library template for contracts, invoices or project reports to organize your documents quickly and easily. You can also create or edit your own templates to fit your specific needs.


Two new features have been introduced in Teams that allow you to organize and host large events in your organization using the familiar Teams app.

The first feature is Town Halls and Town Halls (Premium), which are specifically designed for internal communication and engagement. You can invite up to 20,000 attendees, view live captions in multiple languages, moderate questions, and more. Town Halls (Premium) also give you the ability to conduct polls, create breakout rooms, and receive analytics.

The second feature is Microsoft Whiteboard integration in Teams meetings, which allows you to draw, write and brainstorm together on a digital canvas. You can launch Whiteboard in any Teams meeting and interact with various tools such as pens, shapes and sticky notes. You can also save and share Whiteboard content or use it in other apps like PowerPoint or OneNote.


A new feature has been introduced in OneDrive that allows you to monitor the status and performance of OneDrive synchronization in your environment.

The feature is called OneDrive Sync Admin Reports and is available in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. You can view various reports, such as the number of synced devices, the number of sync errors, or the average sync duration. You can also apply filters to select specific users or devices, or specify a specific time period. These reports help you identify and fix problems before they affect the user experience.


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